US Buyers when I print your shipping label you are automatically emailed a tracking number from the shipping carrier ~ please check your email if you do not see it check your junk and spam folders before they empty I believe Hotmail empties in 7 days

INTL Buyers I personally email you with your tracking number after you pay your additional shipping ~ you can track your order in your countries postal website I believe the only Intl country that I ship to that has not caught up with that technology is Italy

I really depend on yall to check your emails I do take the time to write these and I do keep copies of all of them showing the dates and times they were originally sent I do not need anyone getting upset with me saying I did not send them because they did not check all of their folders in their email

Freebie Stencils ~ Please remember you have to spend $30.00 or more on stencils minus shipping ~ you get to treat yourself to 1 Freebie ~ this must be in your cart at the time you place your order ~ not in your message area. If you are placing a larger order and want to break your order up so you can get more Freebies I do not mind as long as each order is $30.00 or more in stencils minus shipping ~ please note shipping will be added to each order and I may or may not ship together.

If you have any questions before placing an order please ask. It costs 30 cents to send Refunds

How much does a Custom Stencil cost?

All Prices Sizes and Font Choices are listed under the Custom Stencils Button

How long does it take to get a Custom Stencil?

It always depends on the customer. After you purchase your custom stencil please email me with your phrase and font choice I will make a preview usually within 24 hours depending on my workload and email it to you from there it is up to you how fast you check your email to look at the preview and get back to me whether I need to make changes or if it is ok to cut. I do not cut anything until I have the ok to cut. There are NO refunds or exchanges on anything custom so make sure you check your spelling and my spelling before giving an ok. Please note I only work on paid orders.

*** How much is Shipping?***

Shipping in the USA up to $50.00 $3.95 up to $100.00 $5.95 ~  $200.00 $9.95 ~ $201.00 and up $13.95 ~ All Intl shipping must be paid upfront. I ship Priority Express INTL and shipping starts at $40.95 ~ your package will include Insurance Tracking and Fast Delivery

If you want USPS Priority Shipping you will have to pay the difference.

***Do you wholesale your stencils?***

I do not wholesale my Stencils because you are already paying BELOW wholesale.

*** Explain .007 mil Mylar and What The Thickness Means?***

I am always getting asked about the thickness of the mylar ~ So I asked my Sales Rep to explain ~ Everyone sees mil and automatically thinks millimeters but that is incorrect. What does .007 mil mean? It is the thickness of the material based on the USA unit of measure .007", seven thousands of an inch. The manufactures refer to it in the term gauge. Your material would be 700 gauge. 7 mil is the term a lot of people use although I prefer to use gauge to request the thickness What's the difference between .005 mil and .007 mil? 40% thickness is the difference How is .007 mil 40% thicker than .005 mil? well .... 40% of 5 is 2, so that makes .007 mil mylar 40% thicker than .005 mil mylar

***What material do you use to cut your Stencils?***

I use .007 mil Transparent Blue Mylar ~ all stencils are transparent blue even if it reads clear in the listing I have not had time to switch out the word clear ~ I do not carry clear mylar

***Do you offer a Free Stencil Drawing ***

Yes I do. I design a brand new never before seen stencil and have 1 LUCKY WINNER every month To be included in the drawing you must Fan / Like me on Facebook

***Why are your stencils so affordable?***

It took me years to build a variety of stencils. With my prices you can have a variety without breaking the bank.

Enjoy my low prices!


This is MY version and MY Opinion if anyone feels they need to pass this on don't forget to give FOLK ART FROM THE HARBOR Full Credit

1st what kind of wood are you using? Do not use fence board of any kind.......its cheap and filled with chemicals that can cause cancer. Your stencil will never lay flat. I suggest you use pine boards they cost more and will make your sign look professional. What kind of sponge? latex or latex free? If you are not allergic use LATEX I find that it doesnt want to pluck up my stencil like the Latex Free ones do. ( These cosmetic wedge sponges can be found at Walmart Target, or any drug store like CVS Rite Aid Walgreens Bartells ETC ) Here is exactly how I make a sign. I paint my board ( 2 coats usually black and then the actual color ie burg, blue whatever) I would even do a dark color under pink I would choose brown instead of black. NEVER EVER USE SPRAY PAINT NEVER! After it dries I sand it.

Then I lay my stencil down and tape it all around I dont want it to move. I use masking tape its inexpensive about 72 cents at Walmart I squeeze out some paint on a piece of scrap wood ( I only stencil in FOLK ART and AMERICANA Brand PAINTS....they are thicker then Apple Barrel and never ever use Joann or Michaels 50 cent brand paint tooooooo watery!

I dab my sponge wedge into the paint and I pat it on the SCRAP wood over and over and over til its looks very very light almost dry lookin. Dont smash hard onto your stencil just lightly dab your sponge, it will look very light . Now walk away and get a drink or fold some laundry just go away until thats DRY. Then do it again very will look better.....let that dry all the way and do it again and that should do it.

You might want to practice on some scrap. You might be pounding too hard or it might not be dry enough before you do it again.The key here is to Dab it LIGHTLY and LET IT DRY before you dab it again.

After your stencil is dry get a liner brush and fill in the bridges ( the gaps ) this is what gives you a nice professional finish. When I see a sign and its not filled in I stop looking at it because it is not a finished piece.

Now you can stain your sign. I use Minwax Early American...I do NOT dilute it....lots of folks try and stretch it...dont waste your will look cheap and watered down.

 photo 1481028_10201155509833065_1629730964_o_zps24cb277b.jpg

 photo 1474083_10201155390190074_1811029698_o_zps6bab28ce.jpg

 photo 1473428_10201155968884541_55421952_o_zpsc9803a14.jpg

 photo 1462165_10201163561994364_441694324_n_zps617b7edc.jpg

 photo 1464259_10201163563234395_78093408_o_zps4af98b4e.jpg

 photo 1474118_10201163551194094_51305055_o_zps9ae46d58.jpg

 photo 1479100_10201163582954888_1020828312_o_zps2227320c.jpg

 photo 1467725_10201163584474926_1585738682_o_zps31e177ca.jpg

 photo 1484539_10201163847921512_195128618_o_zps0c51a859.jpg

 photo 1464434_10201164045366448_678463551_o_zpsf7e5e326.jpg

 photo 1471535_10201164293092641_952008070_o_zps1394de5d.jpg

 photo 1460833_10201163865521952_16879155_o_zps90e094c1.jpg

 photo 1472153_10201164308813034_1817446087_n_zps64c17228.jpg

 photo 1482895_10201164312373123_1252816292_o_zps2766fbc6.jpg

 photo 1484628_10201167741338845_2051055872_o_zpsf7cde9f4.jpg

 photo 1483109_10201167749619052_270060463_o_zpsd45fe531.jpg

 photo 1483182_10201167760539325_1403183388_o_zps980b24f1.jpg

 photo 939473_10201164424175918_164015936_o_zpsf16fe7c1.jpg